I’ve written a couple of WordPress Widgets…

This is a where their spiritual home would be.

  1. Currently Reading is a simple widget that takes a specified ISBN and then extracts the cover of the book from “Google Books” and links that back to the Google Books site.
  2. Display Badges reads a set of files from a directory off of the root of the blog and then displays them within a “Badge Set” in the Side Panel.
  3. Display Badge Since not everyone has the access (or, to be honest, the inclination) to work with files and/or directories on their Blog Servers, I’ve re-worked the previous Plug-In and Widget to allow similar results without actually needing direct file access. This widget allows you to fill in a couple of fields and will then generate a “Badge” from that…

Please leave any feedback as a comment on this page…

9 thoughts on “Widgets”

  1. I just have to ask…

    Is there a way to get this plugin to do a library of all of your books into wordpress?

    I don’t know how to program plugins, but it seems to me that it should not be too hard to make a plugin, sort of like an ecommerce wordpress site, to keep track of all of your books?

    • It’s not currently possible with this plugin, no.

      I’ll give it a bit of thought and see if I can extend it to do that; but it will most likely need a full re-devlopment or, even more likely, the creation of an alternate plugin to do that.

      For a bit of background, I currently piggy-back off of the options table in the WordPress database (like almost all widgets would) but this would likely require its own table to do properly…

  2. First: Thank you for your work!

    Are you planing to insert other sources than Google Books to the Currently Reading widget? I’m reading a book currently just available at Amazon Germany, so the widget of course can’t find a cover at Google.

    • You’re most welcome…

      I’ll have a look into supporting Amazon, though they do make you jump through hoops to use their API (which is the reason I eventually settled on using Google Books to start with).

  3. Seems to be a problem with the latest update to your Currently Reading widget. Unable to install on my WordPress version 4.22

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