Zapiro for Government Tribunal

Zapiro - Gen Cele

The real tribunal that’s needed in South Africa is not one to protect the public from the media, but rather to protect the public (including the media) from the government…

And people like Zapiro seems to be at the forefront of that action. In this cartoon, he asks a very important question, and one I would love to have seen answered…

A Good question

Wishful thinking, I know…

On abuse of power and being called to book…

And still the Saga continues.

Mzilikazi wa Afrika, after being arrested, released and then threatened by the NPA, now has had his charges formally dropped. But, it has to be added, only provisionally… This is also known as throwing mud with the hope of getting some of it to stick.

What this is really known as, and I’m certain the ANC agrees — or at least they should — is an extreme abuse of power.

We’re all aware that the Nationalist Government were past masters of this type of action, but it seems that the ANC has taken to the lesson extremely well; so well, in fact that the student might still become the master.

Stephen Grootes, in another brilliant piece in The Daily Maverick covers the “Stench of Abuse of Power” that lingers over the Mzilikazi wa Africa saga…

Since the proposed “Media Tribunal” is meant to serve as a recourse to the poor (embattled politicians), I fully expect that Stephen will become one of their first supressions. Erm, I meant “rectifications”, of course… And the bloody ANC politicians wonder why everyone with half a brain is edgy about it?

Living under the Sword

Hoy, ANC! Have you ever wondered why we don’t trust you? I mean really don’t trust you? As in, even less than any sane person ever trusts any government?

Now here I’m not even talking about your latest attempt at limiting press freedom (Good luck with that, by the way. After all, we do live in a constitutional democracy. You know, the one your forebears fought for? Before the ANC became a bunch of power mongers? You remember!) Anyway, where was I… Oh yes. We’re not talking you press-freedom attempts.

We’re not even talking about the fact that you disbanded the Scorpions (You remember them too, of course. They were the ones who would arrest corrupt politicians… Yeah, them) and replaced them with the (ahem) Hawks.

No, were talking of your latest attempt to use those self-same Hawks to arrest a journalist on political grounds, and the have them keep them (You used to call that Detention Without Trial when the Apartheid Government did that to you guys, remember… Those were the days, eh? You could do whatever you wanted an no-one would even think of querying you..) even though the prosecutor claims they have no case

Stephen Grootes (who I’m certain is next on the Hawks‘ list of people to arrest-and-detain — I wonder if you guys will torture him?) has written quite a nice analysis of the situation

Oh, I wonder whose those nice people in uniform outside my door is? More of yours?

Bastards! There. I feel better now.


Justice be done!

It took long enough, very nearly two years in fact, but finally the guilty have been brought to book.

Now I am a cynic and frequently expect the very worst from humankind. A stance far too often reinforced by the actions huimanity as well. But some days, quite seldom unfortunately, a faint glimmer of hope appears for the species.

Don’t worry, it won’t last… Mankind will do something for me to lose faith in them before the day is over. But for now, for a brief moment…

Hey, I resemble that action!

Man, am I so with this guy!

Too many institutions use bullying tactics — manipulating people into paying various superfluous or even illegal fees — figuring (quite correctly it would seem) that most people would not be able to afford either the time or the money to take legal or other action and would rather just pay said fees to make it all “just go away”.

Two distinct groups with this tactic immediately comes to mind: the Mafia and SABC TV Licenses….

‘Unpatriotic’? I’ll show you ‘unpatriotic’!

Politicians must be the funniest (if quite unintentionally so) people in the world.

According to a report on IOL ANC councillor Thandi Tobias, the chairperson of the National Assembly’s defence committee, considers South Africans serving in foreign armies ‘unpatriotic’.

Not that they care that most South Africans serving in foreign armies do so because they are “white South Africans who cannot work in South Africa due to affirmative action and representativity in the civil service.”

From the report:

During the Assembly debate, DA MP Roy Jankielsohn described the bill as sloppy and constitutionally flawed.

He argued that white soldiers were forced out of the South African National Defence Force and stopped from joining the reserve force.

“In this regard the legislation is malicious and punitive in nature. White South Africans want to contribute to our country, but the ANC is obsessed with having the power to criminalise this contribution,” he said.

Jankielsohn was also referring to South Africans employed as “security guards” in areas of conflict like Iraq that is said to contribute at least R6-billion in spending power back home.

In other words: “We don’t want you to work in South Africa. In actual fact, we don’t want you to work outside South Africa either. What we want you to do is just go away.”

To which the reply probably has to be: “We South Africans don’t just ‘go away’. We didn’t when Brits did their damnedest to exterminate us. We didn’t during the urban terror campaign in the eighties. We’re not going to do so now. Terribly sorry, but no.”

If I have to be “unpatriotic” to make a living and take care of my family, then “patriotism” be damned.

Crime-ridden? Us? No, Never!

It is a sad world when a mother-to-be will fatalistically accept being raped and consider herself fortunate that her rapist deigned to use a condom in the process.

Add to that the rapist’s apparent utter conviction that he has the right to rape the woman, since “This is not a Bruce Willis movie. You haven’t done anything wrong. But it’s your bad luck. This is the new South Africa.”

In what kind of country are criminals so brazenly arrogant that they — quite noisily — murder a woman and the proceed to ransack her neigbour’s house, pausing to rape her neighbour; quite assured that the police would never be able to touch them.

And then the South African government would like to have its citizens believe that crime’s on the decrease in their country? Not likely.

To my wife: Sorry Girl, but it doesn’t look like we’ll be going back to Gordon’s Bay again anytime soon…

The real story…

Yesterday, on my way home from work, I heard the following story on the news. Kabelo Thibedi, after two years of being shunted around by Home Affairs, finally had enough.

He snapped.

Now, before I even start out, in the interest of short-circuiting any potential misunderstanding, I do not condone his actions nor his methods.

For those not in the know, Home Affairs is probably the one department with the most influence in South Africa. You need an ID book? Go to Home affairs. You need a Passport? Home Affairs for you! A birth? Same place to register the event. A death? Ditto. Marriage? Well, you get the drift…

It is the one government department every South African will have to deal with at some stage of his or her life. And probably more than once as well. Sorry, no exceptions.

Okay, so what has that to do with anything? We know that they have way too much influence and power… Let’s put things in perspective. What has happened to Kabelo is a bit excessive, but only a bit.

I had to renew my ID book a while ago. It only took them five month to do that. Time in actual work? Less than an hour in all probability, since they merely print the details into a pre-formatted booklet. Okay, let’s give them the benefit of doubt and say a week to do an hours work. Hell, this is Africa, that’s not too inconceivable.

Time invested from my side? Three hours in a slow moving queue on a very hot day to apply for my new ID. Five month for them to make it. Finally, and fortunately, I moved to Cape Town, so they mailed the ID book to me. No, not registered post, mail! And people wonder why ID fraud is rampant in this country?

And I was well off…

The Girl applied for her passport at the same time. Nine months, moving town, an engagement and more trips to Home Affairs than I would willingly count later — to contend with some of the most abrupt, surly and just plain incompetent people in the world — she finally had her passport in her mitts.

Nine Damn Months Later!

Now how do you like that for customer service, folks?

It was so bad that she’s decided to leave her passport in her maiden name, since we do not need the aggravation of another trip to Home Affairs. Not yet. Not soon. Hell, if we had a choice (as if!); never!

So, while I don’t condone his actions, I have to admit however — to be completely honest — that I do understand them. One hundred percent…

Hmmm… Braai…

While I don’t know who actually wrote this, like most such bon mots it’s made even more amusing due to the fact that it contains more than just a grain of truth…

Vleisbraai is die enigste tipe kosmaak wat ‘n ware man sal doen. Wanneer ‘n man besluit om te braai, word die volgende ketting-reaksie aan die gang gesit:

  1. Die vrou gaan koop die kos.
  2. Die vrou maak die slaai, pap en sous.
  3. Die vrou gooi speserye op die vleis, sit dit in ‘n bak saam met die nodige braai-gereedskap en souse en vat dit na die man wat langs die braaier rondsit met ‘n dop in sy hand.
  4. Belangrik: Die man plaas die vleis op die rooster…
  5. Die vrou gaan na binne om die borde en eetgerei reg te kry.
  6. Die vrou kom uit om die man te vertel dat die vleis besig is om te verbrand. Hy bedank haar en vra of sy nog ‘n dop sal gooi terwyl hy die situasie onder beheer bring.
  7. Weer belangrik: Die man verwyder die vleis van die rooster en gee dit vir die vrou aan.
  8. Die vrou sit al die kos gereed op die tafel.
  9. Na ete dek die vrou die tafel af en was al die skottelgoed.
  10. Almal bedank die man vir die heerlike braai-poging.

Later vra die man of sy vrou darem haar “aandjie af” geniet het. Wanneer hy die reaksie op haar gesig sien, besluit hy daar is ook niks wat sommige vrouens tevrede sal stel nie!

Braaing meat is generally the only type of food preparation a real man would do. When a man decides to braai, the following chain reaction takes place:

  1. The woman goes to buy the food.
  2. The woman makes salads and “pap en sous”.
  3. The woman prepares the meat, puts it into a container with the braai-tools and spices and takes it to the man who is sitting next to the braai fire with a drink in hand.
  4. Important: The man puts the meat on the grill…
  5. The woman goes back inside to prepare the crockery and cutlery.
  6. The woman comes back outside to tell the man that the meat’s busy burning. He thanks her and asks her to pour him another drink while he brings the situation back under control.
  7. Important again: The man removes the meat from the grill and gives it to the woman.
  8. The woman puts the food out on the table.
  9. After the meal the woman clears the table and does the dishes.
  10. Everybody thanks the man for the wonderful braai.

Later the man asks the woman if she at least enjoyed her evening off. When he notices the expression on her face he decides that nothing could ever satisfy certain women!

…the female of the species…

It would seem that the police had make some great breakthroughs in one of the most horrific cases of cold and callous malice I’ve had the misfortune to be exposed to in recent times.

I’ve been updating my previous blog entry as news unfolded, but this warrants an entry of its own, in my opinion.

According to IOL, police have arrested the “mastermind” behind the killing of baby Jordan. What is particularly shocking and devastating, is the fact that “he” is a she. Not that that changes my opinion of somebody I called a “sick, twisted, mean-spirited sub-human scum”. That might originally have been levelled at one of the other murderous swine, but it most certainly applies in even greater measure to her.

What I would like to know — dearly — is, which kind of person even contemplates an action like this; much less cold-heartedly plan and then execute it?

Am I an anachronism, still believing in protective men and nurturing women? What the hell is happening to our world?