Promises Made…

Yes, yes… It’s all very cryptic and very melodramatic, indeed. I’m sure you’re all really impressed.

Though, spare a thought for those poor buggers reading this via the RSS feed to Facebook, and not on this blog. They’ll be even more in the dark…

But, to return the… <dramatic pause> promise.

Here’s the link to the Widgets I use to display my “Currently Reading” (as well as my “Previously Read” section) as well as the badges I display on the blog:

Do with them what you will…

Of WordPress, Plug-ins and Widgetey Things…

I’ve finally decided to re-hack my Template/Theme on JADB and get rid of two points of contention (AKA “I need to fix this at some stage”), the “Currently Reading” and “Snippets” “Badges” sections in the sidebar.

I suppose there’s no point in having dynamic sidebars if you don’t do something, erm…, dynamic with it, is there?

I have managed to now stop using “Custom Fields” in posts to populate the “Currently Reading” section (it had the advantage of time-stamping the posts with the primary book I was busy with, but it was also a bit of a schlep to keep up to date) instead just updating the widget directly…

I’ll put them up for download on WordPress’ Website as soon as my Plugin Access had been granted.

Zapiro for Government Tribunal

The real tribunal that’s needed in South Africa is not one to protect the public from the media, but rather to protect the public (including the media) from the government…

And people like Zapiro seems to be at the forefront of that action. In this cartoon, he asks a very important question, and one I would love to have seen answered…

A Good question

Wishful thinking, I know…

On abuse of power and being called to book…

And still the Saga continues.

Mzilikazi wa Afrika, after being arrested, released and then threatened by the NPA, now has had his charges formally dropped. But, it has to be added, only provisionally… This is also known as throwing mud with the hope of getting some of it to stick.

What this is really known as, and I’m certain the ANC agrees — or at least they should — is an extreme abuse of power.

We’re all aware that the Nationalist Government were past masters of this type of action, but it seems that the ANC has taken to the lesson extremely well; so well, in fact that the student might still become the master.

Stephen Grootes, in another brilliant piece in The Daily Maverick covers the “Stench of Abuse of Power” that lingers over the Mzilikazi wa Africa saga…

Since the proposed “Media Tribunal” is meant to serve as a recourse to the poor (embattled politicians), I fully expect that Stephen will become one of their first supressions. Erm, I meant “rectifications”, of course… And the bloody ANC politicians wonder why everyone with half a brain is edgy about it?

Living under the Sword

Hoy, ANC! Have you ever wondered why we don’t trust you? I mean really don’t trust you? As in, even less than any sane person ever trusts any government?

Now here I’m not even talking about your latest attempt at limiting press freedom (Good luck with that, by the way. After all, we do live in a constitutional democracy. You know, the one your forebears fought for? Before the ANC became a bunch of power mongers? You remember!) Anyway, where was I… Oh yes. We’re not talking you press-freedom attempts.

We’re not even talking about the fact that you disbanded the Scorpions (You remember them too, of course. They were the ones who would arrest corrupt politicians… Yeah, them) and replaced them with the (ahem) Hawks.

No, were talking of your latest attempt to use those self-same Hawks to arrest a journalist on political grounds, and the have them keep them (You used to call that Detention Without Trial when the Apartheid Government did that to you guys, remember… Those were the days, eh? You could do whatever you wanted an no-one would even think of querying you..) even though the prosecutor claims they have no case

Stephen Grootes (who I’m certain is next on the Hawks‘ list of people to arrest-and-detain — I wonder if you guys will torture him?) has written quite a nice analysis of the situation

Oh, I wonder whose those nice people in uniform outside my door is? More of yours?

Bastards! There. I feel better now.

Sans-Serif Fonts in Texinfo

Brett Hutley, in a post on TeX, LaTeX and Texinfo mentioned that he likes setting his documents in a Sans-serif font in Texinfo.

This intrigued me, but I could not get it to work at all. Until I actually read the Texinfo log message, of course.

Just in case I ever forget how I did it, here it is:

@c %**start Sans-Serif
@c Sans-Serif does not work too well yet. Drat. Needs some work...

@end tex
@end ifset
@c %**end Sans-serif Fonts

This is currently commented out, since it breaks all kinds of headings, indexes and other miscellaneous mark-up rather badly, but it is a beginning…

And hopefully this saves someone else a bit of frustration as well…