It is not often one gets to witness the end of an era, and it’s probably a commentary on both my age and the time I’ve been in the industry that I’ve been witness to several…

Be that as it may, however, it’s been quite some time since I’ve been witness to one as sad as this.

Nokia has been struggling for some years now, trying to fend off the upstarts who initially snapped at its heels and eventually started to overtake it as a company, providing more capable and able handsets with more consolidated product lines and much more modern interfaces.

Part of Nokia’s problem was that they’ve been stuck in a backwards compatible API (mostly by choice) and took too long to recognise the problem and develop an upgrade strategy. They eventually bought “TrollTech” (the company behind KDE’s QT widget set) but, again, took way too long to mature their exit strategy.

Now, in the age-old mind-set of “when you’ve hit rock-bottom you start digging” Nokia has started digging…

On Friday 11 Feb 2011 they’ve announced that Microsoft will become the new provider of Operating Systems (in the form of Windows Phone 7) for all Nokia smartphone handsets. Thus fittingly ending a series of fairly stupid moves with an absolute humdinger and finishing the Finnish era. Or at least start to.


Can you say “ouch”?:

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