The Truth Will Out… (aka Tim to the Rescue!)

Rather melodramatic, but still true. Well sort of…

More than a year ago (on 18th October 2007, to be precise) I wrote a post entitled “Of universal truth…” in which I asked for the source of a poem I had read as a youth.

And today I received an email from Tim Neutel from the Netherlands (at least, that where his email originated).

Here, thanks to Tim, is the poem in original form:

The station is ominous at midnight
Hope is a dead letter
Time to change trains for something better
No local train now
Long since departed
Now way of getting back to where you started.

What impressed me more than anything, though, is the fact that I recalled it so well, if not quite perfectly. It had indeed made a lasting impression on me as I had mentioned.

And the source?

It was from a book entitled “The Night of the Fox” by Jack Higgins…

Thanks Tim!