Happiness writes white…

It used to amuse me for the longest time that when I’m at my happiest I tend to be most quiet about it. It seems that I’m then so busy being happy, that I don’t want to waste any time on non-critical things like blog entries.

I used to think I was alone or unusual in that, that is till I listened to Harvey Danger’s Happiness writes white from their Little by Little album.

Ariella, 7:30, I don’t want to get up yet
Listen to the morning music cursing the alarm you set
As you know I’ve never been a praying man
I don’t need a God to make me feel alirght
But if you wonder why I never wrote you a song
it’s because happiness writes white…

I also started paying attention to other blogs, and, while by no means a universal phenomenon, it does seem a lot more common than people would credit.