Hey, I resemble that action!

Man, am I so with this guy!

Too many institutions use bullying tactics — manipulating people into paying various superfluous or even illegal fees — figuring (quite correctly it would seem) that most people would not be able to afford either the time or the money to take legal or other action and would rather just pay said fees to make it all “just go away”.

Two distinct groups with this tactic immediately comes to mind: the Mafia and SABC TV Licenses….

One Reply to “Hey, I resemble that action!”

  1. “We contacted the customer and we apologised and corrected the error, but he wanted to take the complaint further to the ombudsman.”

    Don’t you just love the bank’s response, makes it sound like the customer is totally over-reacting, like this was a one time incident. What about all the other people who paid R1.99 for a so-called toll-free call?


    And don’t even get me started on the SABC, well, you already know that story. Perhaps I should contact Mr Pashut’s lawyer.

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