Crime-ridden? Us? No, Never!

It is a sad world when a mother-to-be will fatalistically accept being raped and consider herself fortunate that her rapist deigned to use a condom in the process.

Add to that the rapist’s apparent utter conviction that he has the right to rape the woman, since “This is not a Bruce Willis movie. You haven’t done anything wrong. But it’s your bad luck. This is the new South Africa.”

In what kind of country are criminals so brazenly arrogant that they — quite noisily — murder a woman and the proceed to ransack her neigbour’s house, pausing to rape her neighbour; quite assured that the police would never be able to touch them.

And then the South African government would like to have its citizens believe that crime’s on the decrease in their country? Not likely.

To my wife: Sorry Girl, but it doesn’t look like we’ll be going back to Gordon’s Bay again anytime soon…