I’ve been fairly lax in updating my blog for a wile, so here’s a slew of snippets:

I finally got around to downloading the new version of drivel from CVS; and then I, of course, had to go and turn into an RPM to install… Some days I’m just too much of a geek for my own good.

While I was at it, I also downloaded the newest version of RSSOwl, version 1.2, which does very well on Java 1.5.0 on Fedora. Now they just have to get it going on GCJ and compile it, and I will be well satisfied with it. Hmm… Wishful thinking.

My blog’s look seems to have settled for the time being, even though the Girl has voiced her displeasure at my choice of brown. Mind you, any brown would be considered a no-no, not just this particular shade thereof.

Unfortunately, like most guys I’m capable of identifying the tree primary colours with black and white fairly accurately about 80% of the time. The secondary colours give me slightly more problems; and beyond that I don’t even try. No wonder I stick with simplistic colour schemes…

Now I need to actually do something about my main site, Joomla! might be the answer there, but that means I’ll have to spend some time gluing them together with a wee bit of PHP and some CSS magic. Not difficult, I grant, but time consuming none the less.

And lastly, as a note to myself, I really do need to update the blog more often…