Just different coloured yankees…

Gabbahead started on interesting rant before he got distracted.

As an overview, he’s making the point that “African American” is a hell of a lot more American than African. Now here I must admit, that that is the one thing of Black Americans that really get on my groat.

Just because you are black, does not make you an African. Now we can go into the whole Nature vs. Nurture debate, but suffice to say that being African has a lot more to do with environment than with delusional self perception.

I will not have any damned one telling me that I am not African, I really don’t care whether they are dark Yanks or whether they’re Nguni. I am a hell of a lot more “African” than Oprah Winfrey — who claims to be (yeah right) of Zulu blood — could ever hope to be.

And don’t try and use the whole “Blacks were here first” argument, either. The only people with real ancestral rights in most of Southern Africa are the KhoiKhoi and the Shona. Everybody else are invaders of some sort. Yes, especially including the Zulu and Xhosa people.

What it boils down to is not where you are from, but where you are.

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