The two faces of Islam

On one of the Planets, I came across this sobering and enlightening read… This piece describes one of the principal reasons I find myself mistrusting Islam in general and Muslims in particular.

Anyone who has ever read the Qur’an critically (which, sadly, excludes nearly all Muslims) would be able to tell you that Islam is a schizophrenic religion. On one hand they preach “Islam means peace” until everyone hearing them starts agreeing with them (even if only to get them to shut up!) but on the other they will use violence at the least provocation — either in protest or as a tactic to force others to accede to their demands.

It also describes, quite eloquently in my opinion, the reason why both of these actions can be rightly attributed to examples set by Mohamed, their prophet.

When Mohamed was outnumbered by others who did not believe in Islam, he was a kind, generous and moral man. As soon as he had an army at his disposal after his flight to Medina, he became a savage brute, murdering innocent people, assassinating his opponents and brooking absolutely no opposition to his reign, not even poems or mere haranguing on street corners. Nothing was left to be seen of the kind and generous man.

It seems quite often that the normal followers of Islam act in exactly the same way: when they are in the minority they seem to preach peace and gentle coexistence; the moment they’re in power gentle coexistence becomes an option only if you are also a follower of Islam.

This is very reminiscent of schoolyard bullies who will be extremely ingratiating and succumb when they are vulnerable and outnumbered.