Lovely. Oh this is just fricking lovely. It has me upset enough to shake as I sit here…

If this is not enough to make you foam at the mouth at TBCB© (That Bunch of Corrupt Bastards) we laughingly refer to as our government, then I sincerely doubt that anything in life ever truly will.

In my opinion, it is quite bad enough when Bobby builds palaces on his country’s GDP. I find that I cannot abide the notion that my (South African) Tax money will fund an extension or the pool at the damn Jacuzzi or something!

Only a South African politician would be naive enough to believe that our favourite despot would actually use monies lent him to help his people.

Mind you, on second thought, it might be worth him taking the money and “Idi Amin” us; letting the Southern tip of this continent just getting back to pulling itself together.

On third thought, maybe he can take the ANC with him, $1 000 000 000 is enough to pay for quite a couple of extra plane tickets…