Of Geese and of Ganders…

IOL, as usual quite awake, reports that, in an apparent reference to its deputy president Jacob Zuma, the African National Congress has made an about-turn on earlier comments that party members facing serious charges could not be nominated for public office.

Come now guys, why the surprise at this? The ANC might have been representative of the people in its heyday, but currently it is nothing but yet another corrupt African ruling party on the lookout for number one.

One has to be rather naive to even consider that notion that the voting public means anything to them but a means to a political office…

Now, no need to be upset about that, it’s the African way — the way African politics had been run since the first despot heard about democracy and thought that this was a wonderful bribe at making, with apologies to Thornton Wilder, the housekeeper think she’s a householder.

Here is what I see happening:

  1. Prez Thabo retires.
  2. Jacob “I’m a corrupt sumbitch” Zuma gets sprung from Jail
  3. Intimidation/Corruption leads to Prez Jacob
  4. Economy takes a dive
  5. Jacob takes advice from Bobby and changes the constitution
  6. Jacob declares himself Prez-for-life
  7. The ANC rejoices
  8. The economy gives up hope and dies
  9. Everyone goes looking for jobs in Zim, since their despot is less nuts than ours…

Remember, you read it here first.