All right then. What should we call it in that case?

I have never claimed to be particularly astute, but had not thought me more obtuse than the ordinary. It would appear that I’ve been going to great lengths to deceive myself in this regard.

The cause to this observation is that the genius that runs the country to our north, Bobby Mugabe, has denounced as “just nonsense” the contention that thousands of people had been left homeless after operation “Get rid of trash”

Now I, for one, will admit to not being too certain what else one should call it when someone demolishes one’s home from under one; since one is apparently not homeless then.

Referring to the people being left homeless, Bobby had to say, “Where are they? We don’t know about those.”

Well, Bobby, I suppose that is just fair. You probably don’t get to see too many homeless from the balcony of your 74 000 000 rand mansion, do you?