2 Replies to “Someone please tell me why?”

  1. Because when you look at the figures the Death Penalty isn’t a deterrant. All it would help in this situation is kill the 5 rapists. But it won’t stop more violent criminals from emerging. Pathelogically speaking, your truly violent and dangerous violent criminal – those who kill with prejudice – either don’t regard themselves as such or believe they won’t get caught. These are people who gleefully turn weapons on armed police officers.

    The Death Penalty might make us feel better (at the cost of allowing society to murder), but it won’t solve the problem. Do you honestly beleive a man capable of murder and serial rape would change his mind because the state might execute him if caught?

  2. To be honest, while the death penalty may or may not solve the problem, I do see the following potential advantages to actually re-instating it:

    * It may not actually scare off hardened criminals, but it might actually make those on the brink of violent crime reconsider their course of action,
    * Most murderers/rapists are out of jail within ten years, and the overwhelming majority of them repeat their crimes,
    * Most women’s lives — or at very least, their trust in men — are destroyed by rape. Most rape victims find it exceedingly difficult to resume normal loving relationships with men after the rape
    * Removing people with tendencies like that from the gene pool might just by an important long-term evolutionary gain in its own right.

    The levity of the last point aside, I do believe that the other points might be important enough to actually bear consideration…

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