Very proud of himself, is he?

Sigh… And to think I was re-consider the validity of my manifesto after it transpired that the cause for it being posted was based of a fallacy.

This is the reason I differentiate between men and males. My manifesto contains a mere five points. How does anyone manage to break all five of them in a single action?

I’m not surprised to learn that the cur had a criminal record…

2 Replies to “Very proud of himself, is he?”

  1. Look, it doesn’t matter who planned this (well it does but bear with me), it appears that it was still some male that did the deed. Assuming he had no personal interest in the matter, how in hell does he sleep at night knowing that he did what he did for what? Money or as a favour? They all deserve to rot in jail till the second coming of Jesus, IMHO.

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