…the female of the species…

It would seem that the police had make some great breakthroughs in one of the most horrific cases of cold and callous malice I’ve had the misfortune to be exposed to in recent times.

I’ve been updating my previous blog entry as news unfolded, but this warrants an entry of its own, in my opinion.

According to IOL, police have arrested the “mastermind” behind the killing of baby Jordan. What is particularly shocking and devastating, is the fact that “he” is a she. Not that that changes my opinion of somebody I called a “sick, twisted, mean-spirited sub-human scum”. That might originally have been levelled at one of the other murderous swine, but it most certainly applies in even greater measure to her.

What I would like to know — dearly — is, which kind of person even contemplates an action like this; much less cold-heartedly plan and then execute it?

Am I an anachronism, still believing in protective men and nurturing women? What the hell is happening to our world?