Welcome to the new dark ages. We hope you’ll enjoy your stay.

I am aghast.

There was a time in the history of Europe, where religious fanatics from the Catholic Church was the scourge of the populace, hunting down accused — and anyone else they could beat into admitting to being — witches.

Fortunately, we no longer live in the dark ages, religious persecution is frowned upon and no one needs to fear for their lives merely for not agreeing with doctrine or dogma.

It would appear, though, that someone neglected informing this contemptible dastard!


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  1. On the 21 September 2005 Irina Cornici’s body were exhumed for further investigation. It was found that she died due to “dehydration, exhaustion and lack of oxygen”.

    Quite an unpleasant death, all told.

    According to this article on BBC:

    The Orthodox Church condemned the incident as “abominable”, banned Father Daniel from the priesthood and excluded the four nuns from the church.

    It sure took them long enough to decide that exorcism that lead to death and thus news exposure is a no-no…

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