There are times I read or see things on the Internet or on TV, that has me sitting quietly crying.

Since I seldom cry, these times tend to really frighten my wife as well, which, to me at least, is a good enough reason to curb any such impulses. A bit of a negative feedback loop, maybe, but it seems to work for us, so I will not be changing it.

Yet, as I said, there are times I cry.

The most notable time was the Chechen rebel’s school siege in Russia. The amount of impotent rage I felt that day is something I really wish upon no-one.

I was taught from a fairy early age — not that it has ever been formalised in this way — that a man’s duty and responsibility to the world and his family included strength, honour, protection and love.

Strength in word, thought and deed: a man must hold to his convictions, ensure clarity of his thoughts and make sure that he may be the bastion of strength for his folk in a very uncertain world.

Honour: a man should always maintain honourable relations to his family and, as a secondary but still important consideration, his society. This also, of course, includes the adherence of justice, fairness and truth.

Protection: A man will protect his people at all costs. To hell with the proverbial king and country… Please note the “people”. That definition will change during a man’s life, but with the strength to maintain clarity of thought and the honesty to self already espoused, a man will know who his people are.

And love; and not the sickly sweet and weak emotion from fawning Valentine’s Cards. Love is the bright light an a dark world. It is what keeps us focused on what is important; it is also what warns us of danger and the false.

These are very high ideals but we have a word for male humans who attempt to adhere to them: men. The rest are relegated to being mere males.

I honestly think it is time I wrote up a “Man’s Manifesto” and posted it.

Now, what brought this on? What had me crying like Croats invading a school and killing the children?

This morning, IOL published a news story that had me crying tears of rage…

What kind of sick, twisted, mean-spirited sub-human scum male would even think of stabbing a six month old baby?

What kind of “humans” live in this damned country?

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