My heart aches…

There are times I read or see things on the Internet or on TV, that has me sitting quietly crying.

Since I seldom cry, these times tend to really frighten my wife as well, which, to me at least, is a good enough reason to curb any such impulses. A bit of a negative feedback loop, maybe, but it seems to work for us, so I will not be changing it.

Yet, as I said, there are times I cry.

The most notable time was the Chechen rebel’s school siege in Russia. The amount of impotent rage I felt that day is something I really wish upon no-one.

I was taught from a fairy early age — not that it has ever been formalised in this way — that a man’s duty and responsibility to the world and his family included strength, honour, protection and love.

Strength in word, thought and deed: a man must hold to his convictions, ensure clarity of his thoughts and make sure that he may be the bastion of strength for his folk in a very uncertain world.

Honour: a man should always maintain honourable relations to his family and, as a secondary but still important consideration, his society. This also, of course, includes the adherence of justice, fairness and truth.

Protection: A man will protect his people at all costs. To hell with the proverbial king and country… Please note the “people”. That definition will change during a man’s life, but with the strength to maintain clarity of thought and the honesty to self already espoused, a man will know who his people are.

And love; and not the sickly sweet and weak emotion from fawning Valentine’s Cards. Love is the bright light an a dark world. It is what keeps us focused on what is important; it is also what warns us of danger and the false.

These are very high ideals but we have a word for male humans who attempt to adhere to them: men. The rest are relegated to being mere males.

I honestly think it is time I wrote up a “Man’s Manifesto” and posted it.

Now, what brought this on? What had me crying like Croats invading a school and killing the children?

This morning, IOL published a news story that had me crying tears of rage…

What kind of sick, twisted, mean-spirited sub-human scum male would even think of stabbing a six month old baby?

What kind of “humans” live in this damned country?

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4 Replies to “My heart aches…”

  1. Yeah man, I was broken when I read the article this morning. As a man, I’m furious about what happenned and want retribution to be swift – and painfull. As a father though, I’m simply devastated…!

  2. I am a mother of a 6month old baby girl, and when I read this story, I wept! I’m very sad for this poor mother’s loss, and every time I look at my beautiful baby girl, and see all the stuff she’s learning to do, I know that mother felt the same when she saw her own baby doing the same cute stuff. I don’t understand why an innocent baby had to die! Whoever did this, should get the death penalty! I’m sick of this, and just the fact that this murderer is still loose, makes me even more angry! I’m sorry, but these people should die!!!

  3. What upsets me is the fact that if they are caught they will get a light sentence and probably released early. Where is the goverment on these kind of attacks. They pretend it dos’nt happen as to let people think the country is better off since they have taken over. We need a firm stand and the death penalty needs to be brought back. My heart goes out to the mother. We need the goverment to start taken a stand instead of letting criminals go every couple years.

  4. Titus: I agree. Problem is that we have one of the most gutless wishy-washy of governments anyone could ever encounter.

    They are more interested in appearing to to do the politically correct thing, making sure that they don’t appear to care too much about certain sections of the populace.

    It is time that they realise that lawlessness hurts all citizens in the country, not just some of them.

    Either that, or get out of the way, and let someone like Patricia de Lille have a go at managing the country. She can certainly only but do a better job than the current bunch…

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