Just Lovely

Once more the utter incompetence of the South African government just astounds me.

A premise:

You have some of the most dangerous criminals in the world nicely incarcerated for life, since as a country you have abolished the death penalty. Society is safe from them, the citizens can sleep at night, safe from harm.

What would one do, in that case?

Quite simple, actually. One would apparently “lose” the relevant documentation that keeps them safely locked away…

From the article:

Umesh Raga of the Judicial Inspectorate of Prisons Legal Services unit, this week said, “Prima facie, in the absence of that evidence, it appears that those prisoners may have to be acquitted.”

This was confirmed by Judge Hannes Fagan, head of the Judicial Inspectorate of Prisons, who said, “If the records cannot be found, the state will then have to try to reconstitute the record.

But if that is not possible, the prisoner might well be entitled to be released.”

Well done, arseholes!

Please note, I’m not blaming the judicial system at all: If evidence cannot be found it is just that the prisoner be released. And it is certainly not the prisoner’s duty to supply the government with evidence to keep him locked up either.

I am, however, blaming the executive branch of government. They are supposed to be on top of this type of thing. Be aware, as little as you bastards probably care, that I, for one, will blame each and every transgression by the released criminals squarely on you.

I spit on thee, scurvy knave!