On the etiquette of eating crow…

This is a serious question. I mean, how does one go about eating one?

Well, after shooting off my huge mouth — repeatedly — at the current perceived state of degeneracy in the British youth, I had to come across the following in Jo’blog:

In Middelburg Mpumalanga (I have to assume it’s the one in Mpumalanga and not the one in Eastern Cape since the town of Hendrina also gets a mention) police finally managed to arrest a half-naked teen after a 35 minute wild chase through the town, during which time the boy tried to ram the police off the road multiple times in his mother’s car.

Not only was the little delinquent drunk and driving without license, but the whole episode started when the police saw the car zig-zagging and on closer inspection found the 17 year old in “a compromising position” with his 14 year old girlfriend.

It is at time I read stuff like this that I honestly think that maybe it’s time we had national service reinstated as well. It would give idiots like this something to occupy their thoughts before and themselves during the time they served their country; afterward military discipline normally keeps them in at least nominal check for some time.

Of course, the mere fact that this forces me to eat crow, something I acutely dislike, and to the Pommies, something I dislike much more, does not actually make me feel any great charity towards his current plight.

Maybe mother nature should just call it quits on us and let some other animal to have a go at being the dominant species…