Remind me not to get in her way…

Yes, I’m still on my Pommie rant. Yes, I will get over it. Yes, quite soon. I hope.

However, a little article in BBC News does go quite some way to explaining some of my feelings from a previous post. From it:

“Carol McMillan, 34, of Spey Walk, Holytown, Lanarkshire, admitted the culpable homicide of Ann Whittle on 15 August last year.

The pair clashed over a space at a car boot sale at Blochairn Road, Glasgow. McMillan repeatedly kicked Mrs Whittle, who later died in hospital.”

Come on, you have to be kidding me! Over a parking spot? And this is supposed to be “First World” and “Civilized”? Give me a break, sounds to me more like anarchy in action.

I think I’ll just stay in Africa where I’m safe, thank you very much…

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