Who shall categorise the categories?


It sure doesn’t sound like much, does it? What it is, however, is the API which allows the discovery of all the categories on compliant ‘blogs.

Which means it should be quite easy to hack into gnome-blog-poster’s MetaWeblog.py protocol library doesn’t it?

Well, yes, it probably does if you’re a real programmer. I, however, am a systems jock; which, traditionally, certainly doesn’t mean I cannot program my way out of a for loop — even we have heard of exits, you know — but it does mean that when I program I do it on my terms.

And my terms never before required me to do pyGTK programming, okay. So stop the whining already… I’ll get to it. That’s the lovely thing about being a *nix systems geek. We get to program stuff on our term to scratch our itches. You want somebody to program off a spec? Go hire a professional.

On a — even more — positive note, I enabled (it was way too easy to be called hacking it in) spell-checking in the applet version of “gnome-blog-poster”. In all, quite elegantly done, Mr Nickell

I am also considering disabling the HTML-ifying of posts by gnome-blog-poster; at least as a posting-time option. No, I haven’t lost what little is left of my senses; I just really like Markdown