I’ve finally got myself into the new Fedora Core cycle. And I’ll admit to having been spoilt being able to “apt-get” just about whatever I wished on my FC3 installation… Time to get back to the basics, I suppose.

FC4 test 2, which I updated to, has managed to impress me quite a bit so far. ‘cepting that I had to compile Galeon, my preferred browser, a couple of times — FC4 is still a moving target, so that’s to be expected — most of my apps are either in extras or installed easily from FC3.

I’ve also installed the Blog GNOME applet, so hopefully that will encourage/ drive/ allow me to update the blog more frequently. It’s supposed to be my journal dammit. Journals mean absolutely squat if you don’t use them…

And while I’m on the topic (“Which one?” I hear you snigger…) Fedora Extras rock! Of course, I’d think they rock even more if they had Galeon in the repository, but I’m supposed to be a geek, so I surmise they thought I had to do something on my own.