I’m a Copyleft Commie

Bill says I’m a commie

Curiously, it would seem that I’m a commie. More specifically, It would appear that I’m a “Copyleft Commie”…

Now what is really surprising about it is that I’m one of the least Fascist people I know. I like owning toys, dammit! I’m a geek, I cannot but help liking owning toys.

But then, I suppose the person stating this should know what constitutes communism. After all, it’s the same person who claimed in the same interview that IE is the best browser in the world… I mean, how can one argue with insight like that?

Beware the Commies!

In case you are wondering what in hell I’m all about, this is in reference to Bill Gates’ interview on CNet News.com; as commented on by Dan Gillmor and on Boing Boing

While I’m amused at the gormlessness more than anything else, I also felt like thumbing my nose a bit at Microsoft as well. In honour of this, then, I’ve prepared the little image you see with this entry as wallpaper. It is, of course, in PNG format which means it might look poor on Windows. No, I most certainly don’t care if it does. I wouldn’t be much of a commie if I did, now would I?

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