Modular Template System – an obnoxiously grandiose name for a very simple system

MTS is my “Modular Template System” for WordPress.

In spite of its obnoxiously grandiose name — finding new TLA’s for a project can be a bit of a bitch — I actually had some valid reasons for this little project.

The first of which is that after finally getting my grubby mitts on WordPress 1.3 Alpha I resolved to get to grips with both the normal WordPress Template and with the New Extensions. No better way than to actually go implement it, I thought. Much to the dismay of my fiancĂ©e, I’ll add, since it meant she got to see me very little over the weekend — basically only when she managed to lure me out of the study with the smell of food…

What added to my woes were the fact that, since I’m an avowed Unix geek, I would not generate HTML or CSS to any standard but W3C. MS and their estimated bezillian percent shareholding be damned. Fortunately, then, I recalled Dean Edwards’ IE7 script set, an attempt to get Microsoft’s IE to do “the sane thing(tm)”. Well, as much as that would be possible, when all is said… Adding that little Java Script resolved quite a couple of CSS concerns, which let me get the look I desired. And it even mostly works on the Monopoly Browser.

Now I have a template which generates near valid XHTML (the sole current exception being the hack to make the header selectable, something I’ll fix soon) and generates valid CSS. Not too shabby, Nige…

Which brings me to the second reason: I needed a Template and CSS combination devoid of all the political wrangling and badmouthing that seems to have been endemic in the WordPress community.

This is the result. Now for a wee bit of tuning, and it might actually become acceptable… 🙂