Paying the Piper

After some time, it seems WordPress and I are slowly coming to a compromise: It will do as it sees fit, and I’ll do my best to hack the living hell out of it to get it to do exactly what I want. So far it is winning. :-/

At least it has been an interesting trip:

  1. I’ve gotten to know PHP a lot better,
  2. I’ve found the Get Custom Field Values plugin for WordPress and am having a great deal of fun with it,
  3. I also, quite by accident as it were, stumbled across Alex Kings’s WP Style Switcher; something you’ll note at the bottom of my Menu section. I had to hack it a bit, though, to get it to not display the colon after the ‘Style’,
  4. I’m re-learning why, exactly, I love CSS so much.
  5. Quicktags and I are becoming very friendly, especially after I hacked the quicktags.js file to allow <br /> tags…

The cost to it all has, of course, been time. It’s not something I complain too much about — I only ever complain about the view when I go through the Karoo, a semi-arid stretch of South Africa inland of the Mountains in Southern Cape, nothing happens in the Karoo — since it has been fairly diverting.

Yeah, I know. Geeks. We find the damndest things diverting… 😉