All-rightey, then…

I suppose it was bound to happen.

My fiancée has been bitten by the blogging bug and I decided to get her her own domain. Why? Just ’cause I can, I suppose. Besides which, she likes it so there!

Something I’ve always found rather peculiar in me; since I’m a career geek \—| disregarding, for the time being, the time I spent in the South African military \—| I tend to be rather familiar with technology and its trends. Yet when it comes to the softer, more social, aspects of our, with respect to Aldous Huxley, ‘Brave new World’ I seem to be quite adrift.

Now, personally, I place the blame firmly on the shoulders of Fight-‘o-net; erm… I mean, of course, Fido-net. As anyone poking around at that time will be able to recall with varying amounts of fondness, Fido-net was a fairly harsh environment to take one’s first faltering steps in electronic communication in. Think Splash-pool meets Jaws

The long and short of it, though, is that, while I am more than capable of building the Internet QE2, I consider myself quite incapable of even paddling a canoe; my last trip anywhere having been on the Titanic, as it were.

Getting to the point (finally!), after being challenged by my fiancée I’ve decided to \—| stretching the analogy even further \—| get my feet wet again and go swimming in the electronic stream.

Or something. Anyway, since I had already configured her domain and WordPress I decided to give this here blogging stuff a go as well.

So here we have just another self-centered pretender of indifferent skill blathering on… I pity thee, poor reader.

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  1. Right, so this one is getting pinned on me I see. Not that I mind, it just means that I can now justify your Christmas pressie this year – water wings!

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